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Ars Musicalis Team

Ignacio Botella Ausina

Musicologist, researcher and pedagogue. He received his higher education in the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Madrid, and in Arts and History in the Baleares and La Rioja Universities. He has been working as a teacher and lecturer for thirty years, and for the last fifteen as a teacher in the Conservatorios Profesional y Superior, and in the University of Baleares, where he resides.
During the last years, he has focused his research on the musical aesthetic experience from a neuroscientific perspective, as a way towards self-knowledge and understanding.

Emilia Torres Roger

Educational trained specialist in Public Relations and Communication, Emilia Torres Roger is a member of the Consejo de Relaciones Públicas de España, and has worked in public relations and event management for years. Once she encountered meditation, she decided to direct her education towards meditation and Eastern philosophy by getting a degree in yoga and meditation techniques in the Bihar School of Yoga in Munger University in India. She travels there regularly to deepen her knowledge and understanding. At present, she studies meditation from the perspective of neuroscience and psychology.

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