Download the Music Awareness Training App for Smartphone or Tablet totally free

Music Awareness Training in your mobile or Tablet: so easy. We have developed an aplication to enjoy training your mind wherever you want, whatever you want.
Enjoy training your mind with Music Awareness Training.



Original music composed for training your mind

All the music in our app is original, specifically composed by Carlos Alonso and played by excellent professionals. The recordings have been done in  Lloret de vistalegre (Mallorca)UAX (University for Music and Performing Arts, Madrid).


Free Download

The download and the first listening (Andante) are free. You’ll find guided listenings with increasing difficulty of 10-15 minute duration.


Musicograms for an easy listening

Each listening has a musicogram to make your exercise easier. You can visualize the sound layers of the piece where you will pay attention, with a different colour and the played instrument.


We analize your response

At the end of each exercise you can rate your progress from 1 to 100, only answering three questions.